Yoga For Peace Of Mind

In a five-star hotel ballroom, a group of people looking to relax doing the movements are guided by a teacher unique. They tried to kiss each knee in a standing position while doing as if breathing.

Soon the teacher invites them to sit cross-legged while saying poem about liver conditioning sounded like this: "adharam madhuram, vadaram madhuram, nayanam madhuram, hasitan madhuram, hridayam madhuram, gamanam madhuram, madhuram dhipate rakhilam madhuram ..."

That's a quick overview of a yoga training lately quite a lot of public interest. Multidimensional crisis which impact on the decrease in both mental and physical health to encourage them to find solutions through yoga.

Artist Ira Wibowo claimed to discover the many benefits of yoga practice. Although only five months following the practice of yoga, the wife of singer Katon it feel to get peace of mind and health.

"I became more able to control myself so as not to be irritable and more calm. In addition, a more healthy body and clear her husband become more dear," he said while attending a yoga workshop held at Goddard magazine Patra Jasa Hotel, Semarang, recently.

Ira opinion that the world is now trying to pursue singing, yoga also helps him in his breath while singing. Just so you know, Ira duet with her husband in the song "Blooms in Life", one of the newest hit album titled Believe Only Katon.

Uniting Spirit

So far, people familiar with yoga, though only in terms of movement and breathing. When in fact many things are learned or trained in the ancient tradition. Unique and difficult movements such as the somersault back and folded his body that we often see is a small part of yoga.

Etymologically, the word yoga comes from the root yuj (Sanskrit) which means to unite spirit with the Maharoh. Or in general can be defined to unite ourselves with God. So any attempt to get closer to God can actually be called yoya.

"In the eight stages of yoga known astanga yoga. Namely Yama (moral), Niyama (honesty), asanas (body movement), pranayama (breathing), pratyahara (closing senses), Dharana (contemplation), dhyana (meditation), and samedhi ( self awareness), "

Tummo Reiki is one of the flow of yoga which emphasizes technique using the energy of the universe (reiki) and kundalini energy or sacred fire in self (Tummo) to attain yoga (self enlightenment). Reiki comes from Japanese, while Tummo of the Tibetan language.

The human body is usually "dirty" because the properties of worldliness as arrogant, emotional, and greedy, so energy is difficult to flow perfectly. Through Reiki Tummo, liver and self dirt can be cleaned more quickly.

"Energy Reiki is a divine energy that comes from outside the body while the kundalini energy comes from within our bodies. Although the reiki energy to help cleanse the body properly, kundalini energy can accelerate the overall clearance,".

Seeing the benefits of yoga are so great, is not surprising if people are interested to learn yoga and associations are now scattered everywhere.

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