Thingking, thingking, and thingking

Rene Deskartes states in the theory of "Cogito" her, because she thinks it is. If you do not think there would be no. There is no means dead and think of life, think it will be life and stop thinking it will die. Sevulgar is this the intent of Descartes?

When thinking is defined mental activities that involve the brain works. Or even further, thinking activity involving organs (brain), the whole person, feelings and will of man! Think self-directed activity to a particular object. When thinking also be interpreted as an effort nenahami probably experienced something or looking for a way out of problems. Thinking involves the doubt and to ensure, to design, calculate, measure, assess, compare, classify, sort, distinguish, make analysis, conclude, reason, draw conclusions from existing premises, and so forth. When you think it means an area of activity, then the premise of Rene Descartes certainly not excessive.