Rise From Adversity

bangkit dari keterpurukanQuestion: I have a salary / income is small, but the burden is so heavy, must pay for the family, parents, and have a debt that must be paid. How do I get out of this mess?

This is a summary of questions from some of the questions coming to us. There are three questioner who asked similar questions above. Insha Allah I will answer based on experience and knowledge I have.

I am sure, many people who are or have experienced the same thing. In conditions that suffer, feel powerless, while the demand is so high. If we can not react properly, this condition can indeed interfere with our mental condition.

Sad, confused, and angry often blanketed moments like this. Especially when thinking about the people we love. They eat less, less fun, even grief they get. This must be painful, even more painful than to see the misery themselves.

But not to worry. That is part of life. Although not spelled all, many people, have experienced it. Also, great men have experienced the same thing. Including me, I've experienced the same thing.

So, what to do?

The first step, continue to pray begging for help from God. Do not say "I have been praying." Continue to pray, because sometimes our prayers are not immediately granted, or we have not really serious about praying. If until now still not been granted by the prayers of God, meaning we should be more devoted and more often in prayer. Do not forget accompanied with the worship, because it could be we pray but we forget the worship.

The second step is to trust totally. Did not have to try? Yes, of course. Later we discussed. One at a donk. Trust is to submit all matters to God, totally. Really trust. Prayer is the first step to put their trust.

If we leave it to God, then the consequences we have to follow the guidance and direction of God. If there are ideas, ideas, and opportunities, immediately welcome. Act quickly, do not be silent. It could be a clue from God, it could be a form of help from God.

What if not? We never knew before held, because we can not communicate with God. The only way to know is a way to try it. What if any? It's okay, just try it. Silence still slumped, therefore passable attempt, there is an opportunity to succeed.

The third step is to act. If you have not or do not feel get a hint, stick to acting. You have to go out looking for a solution. Act with confidence because you already bedo'a and put their trust in Allah. The action today is different from the action without prayer and trust.

What action needs to be done while still confused?
  1. Learning. Can be a way to open the book, ask others, read ebooks, articles, and whatever else you can learn. If you're serious, you can invest with Success Zone products, the advice I have eBook Leverage. Leverage will explain how you can get out of trouble with a capital of what you already have today.
  2.  Friendship. In the hadith of the Prophet peace be upon him, if we want dilapangkan sustenance we need to connect their friendship. I feel the truth of this hadith. Do not say anything. Exit the house, you may go to the mosque or to a gathering place for people. Not that you should complain to everyone. But with the friendship you can get the knowledge and opportunities.
The fourth step is to give thanks. It is often forgotten. Because the feeling was worse, he thought did not get the favors. This is wrong. Oh yes ... we actually know to get a lot of pleasure, but because it was hard, like it forgot to be grateful.

"But I was a little favor." If indeed you feel you a little favor, why do you think will get more pleasure? Just a little grateful to have forgotten, let alone a lot. Or, if it is not grateful, then there is no guarantee after getting good many will be grateful. So, thankful for the blessings you have, God willing, will be added.

If we follow the above steps, we will rise from adversity with the help of God. I've proved it. The important thing is do not give up, keep praying and endeavors, God willing, you will rise from adversity.

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