Today before you complain, think about it ......

Today before you say the words that are not good,
Think about someone who can not speak at all ..

Today before you complain about the taste of your food ...
Think about someone who did not have anything to eat ..

Today Before you complain do not have anything ...
Think about someone who beg in the streets ..

Today before you complain that you are bad ...
Think about someone who is at its worst in his life ..

Today before you complain about your husband or your wife ...
Think about someone who begged the Lord to be given a life partner ...

Today before you complain about life ...
Think about someone who died too soon ..

Today before you complain about your children ...
Think about someone who really wants to have children but she was barren ..

Today before you complain about your dirty house because your helper not doing his job,
Think about the people who live on the streets and are homeless ..

Today before you complain about the distance you have to drive ...
Think about someone who travel the same distance on foot ..

And when you are tired and complain about your job ...
Think about the unemployed, disabled people who wish they had a job like you ...

Motivation Stories - Purusue Happines

There was a young man exposed to diseases that require small intestine is cut along a meter. After surgery, the disease was also not lost. The surgery was done just get rid of the gut that is damaged.

 During the process of healing from surgery, the young man had fasted for 10 days. Not eating and not drinking. He received intravenous fluids from his body only. After that then he could receive a drink and after a few days then started to eat liquid food.

During fasting after surgery, while still lying in the hospital, his wife contacted me and told her husband's condition. Through his wife, I recommend that the young man develops a loving mind.

After leaving the hospital, the young man came to see me. He said that while lying in the hospital - when she felt a great pain and feeling sad because his illness was incurable - it is difficult for him to develop a loving mind.

10 Secrets Of Success Japanese People

1. Hard Work

It is no secret that the Japanese people are hard workers. Average working hours of employees in Japan is 2450 hours / year, is very high compared with America (1957 hours / year), UK (1911 hours / year), Germany (1870 hours / year), and France (1680 hours / year) . An employee in Japan could produce a car in 9 days, while workers in other states require 47 days to make the car worth the same. A Japanese worker can arguably do the work normally done by 5-6 people. Home quickly is something that can be said "somewhat embarrassing" in Japan, and indicates that the employee was included "not required" by the company.

2. Shame

Shame is the ancestral culture and the Japanese people from generation to generation. Harakiri (suicide by sticking a knife into the stomach) becomes a ritual since the era of the samurai, when they lost and battles. Log into the modern world, the discourse a little change to the phenomenon of "resign" for officials (ministers, politicians, etc.) involved in the problem of corruption or feel like a failure of their duties. Possible negative effects are the children of elementary, junior high school who sometimes commit suicide, because its value is ugly or not the next grade. Embarrassed instructions in Japanese people prefer to choose a detour rather than interfere with the driver behind the cut line in the middle of the road. T

Why you should always be positive minded

Believe it or not, our attitude is a mirror of our past, our speaker in the present and is a predictor for our future. That is what? Yes, that conditions of the past, present and future of how we can be reflected in our daily attitude. Remember one thing, our attitude is the most loyal companions, but also could be the most dangerous enemy.

How do our mental attitude is a choice, positive or negative.
W.W. Ziege had said. "There will be no one who can stop a positive mentality to achieve its objectives. Conversely, there is nothing in this world that can help a person who has a negative mentality.
If we are a positive minded, we are certainly capable of producing something. We will be more creative rather than react. Clearly, we are more concentrated to strive to reach the goals just kept thinking positive than negative things that might happen in our daily lives.
Life and happiness a person can not be measured by the size of a degree, position and family background. What is seen is how the way people think that. Indeed, our success is more influenced by the way we think.
Remember the words of Robert J. Hastings, "The place and circumstances does not guarantee happiness. We're the one who must decide whether we want to be happy or not. And so we took the decision, then happiness will come. "
With a positive attitude does not mean that has guaranteed the achievement of a success. However, if our attitude is positive, at least we're on the road to success. Successful or not we will be determined by what we do along the way we've been through it.
From some book I read some of these tips has proved extremely helpful. Try to run the following activities as much as possible in our lives. As to achieve other things, to be a positive-minded, the process must be continuous:

Tips To Increase Your Product Sales

You already have their own product? Maybe it is complete with website sales even. But if the level of sales not make your face smile, definitely feels the pleasure of doing business online has not been maximized.
Indeed, with the increasing internet business atmosphere, the level of competition becomes fiercer. But rest assured the market share of Internet business also continues to bubble. That is, always open the opportunity for rapid success in the Internet business.

Well, for your Internet business can be more rapid success, you still need to know the techniques to boost sales. What can you do?

  1. Give the application deadline. Suppose you write like this, if they register before 15 September, they will get a discount or bonus product. This method can encourage prospective buyers to immediately make a purchase.
  2. Give a bonus. In addition to the main product, also provide a number of bonuses. Form of bonuses which can be given as ebooks, reports, newsletters, and others.
  3. Offer a guarantee. For example, 30 days, 60 da

Tips For Your Money

1. Invest early
Time is the greatest money earner. If you start by saving $200 per month for the next 50 years, you will have a much more considerable sum than saving $1000 per month for the last 10 years. This is due to the help you are getting from compounding the interest that you will get from consistently having your money work for you for a long time. The Golden Rule is to start saving and investing yesterday!

2. Pay yourself first
Always put investing and saving ahead of purchases. We live in a consumerist world. Spending and enjoying our purchases is our lifestyle. What better way to skip out of the loop than hiding a portion of your paycheck away when you get you monthly paycheck. Setup an automatic separate account(Time Deposit or Money Market) to hide your money away on the day you get your paycheck. What you do not see, you do not want to use.

3. Do not take on high interest debt
Debt can kill you. Once you take on high interest debt, you are essentially taking on a job at the bank. Spend less and get away from high interest debt. Skip installment plans also. Most of them have hidden fees that pounce on you once you miss a payment.

4. Buy only correct insurance
Not all insurance is important. Generally health, disability and term are recommended. Avoid Life, Extended warranties and Investment Linked Policies.

Three Steps to Reduce Debt

You can begin to reduce your existing debt with the following steps:

Pay off high-rate debt first.

The higher your interest rate, the more you wind up paying. Begin with your highest-rate credit cards and eliminate the balance as aggressively as possible. For example, assume you have two separate $2,000 balances, one charging 20% interest, the other 8%, on which you can pay a total of 6% per month. If you were to pay 4% per month on the higher-rate card and 2% on the lower-rate card (which is typically the minimum monthly payment), you would save $961 in interest and 18 months of payments over allocating 3% to each balance.

Transfer high-rate debt to lower-rate cards.

Smart Women Men More than Women Choosing Virgin

Scientific study about love show men increasingly interested in women educated than women who maintained her virginity. Therefore, such women are considered to have intelligence with a reliable personality and emotional stability.

The findings by researchers at the University of Iowa is part of a study. Studies conducted every decade since 1939, it asked participants to compile a list of 18 properties they want from a partner on a scale ranging from not relevant to the fundamental.

Included in the list is 'mixed abilities' and 'managers who are good at cooking', and 'love each other and interested', which is in first place for men and women in 2008. In 1939, the nature that does not make the top three for both sexes.

Participants of men and women in 2008 submitted a list of their main 'unreliable nature' and 'mature', and 'emotional stability'. 'Intelligence' in women are in fourth position. This is a big leap from the 11th position in 1939.

Making Time For Breakfast

Breakfast or breakfast is important to do. The reason is because during sleep for approximately 8 hours of our bodies there is no food that enters the body, while activities such as breathing, moving or other light activities still running. As a result, sugar levels in the body is very low. While the early days of physical activity from walking, such as a trip to the office, thinking or the need for concentration to perform activities well. All this requires energy and energy obtained from food eaten.

By eating good food, will make the body feel full and will generate enthusiasm for doing activities. You will not feel sluggish or preoccupied by the hungry stomach. A healthy breakfast can help lower cholesterol levels. Emotionally, breakfast can be a gathering place for all family members, telling each other, communicate and get closer emotionally. This is a good thing to create a harmonious family.

Benefits Of Cycling For Your Bodies

The results obtained from cycling in particular will tighten as the lower calf muscles, thighs and hips. Cycling can burn calories. So, it will be useful for you who want to lose weight. In addition, cycling can increase lung volume to 50% so that the oxygen that can fit more.

For obese people, cycling is a sport that is recommended for cycling are relatively safe compared to most sports that require running or jumping. Conflicts due to running or jumping can cause injury to the legs, waist, back for those who are obese because the excess weight makes impact even harder. Cycling is also good for those who have heart disease.

Yoga For Peace Of Mind

In a five-star hotel ballroom, a group of people looking to relax doing the movements are guided by a teacher unique. They tried to kiss each knee in a standing position while doing as if breathing.

Soon the teacher invites them to sit cross-legged while saying poem about liver conditioning sounded like this: "adharam madhuram, vadaram madhuram, nayanam madhuram, hasitan madhuram, hridayam madhuram, gamanam madhuram, madhuram dhipate rakhilam madhuram ..."

That's a quick overview of a yoga training lately quite a lot of public interest. Multidimensional crisis which impact on the decrease in both mental and physical health to encourage them to find solutions through yoga.

Rise From Adversity

bangkit dari keterpurukanQuestion: I have a salary / income is small, but the burden is so heavy, must pay for the family, parents, and have a debt that must be paid. How do I get out of this mess?

This is a summary of questions from some of the questions coming to us. There are three questioner who asked similar questions above. Insha Allah I will answer based on experience and knowledge I have.

I am sure, many people who are or have experienced the same thing. In conditions that suffer, feel powerless, while the demand is so high. If we can not react properly, this condition can indeed interfere with our mental condition.

Tips to face job interview

On several occasions talked about the world of work to students and students, I often get the question, "How do you deal with job interview?"

If on the previous occasion I have addressed specifically about how to make a good CV, so this time I will tell you how to face job interview.

The core of the interviews was to ascertain whether a candidate in accordance with previous test results and with the written CV. Interviews are also useful to meet physically with a candidate and to know the attitude and way of thinking. Interviews can make the interviewer more convinced you are the right person and vice versa could also be hesitant because of the quality you are not in accordance with the CV or previous test results.