The romance in couples

Are you romantic? When it comes to romance we mean everything that is done to please the other person. The romance is made ​​for details. These details are responsible for the other person to show how much you care. Here are some ideas to increase the romance in your relationship:

Thingking, thingking, and thingking

Rene Deskartes states in the theory of "Cogito" her, because she thinks it is. If you do not think there would be no. There is no means dead and think of life, think it will be life and stop thinking it will die. Sevulgar is this the intent of Descartes?

When thinking is defined mental activities that involve the brain works. Or even further, thinking activity involving organs (brain), the whole person, feelings and will of man! Think self-directed activity to a particular object. When thinking also be interpreted as an effort nenahami probably experienced something or looking for a way out of problems. Thinking involves the doubt and to ensure, to design, calculate, measure, assess, compare, classify, sort, distinguish, make analysis, conclude, reason, draw conclusions from existing premises, and so forth. When you think it means an area of activity, then the premise of Rene Descartes certainly not excessive.

motivational stories - you never angry

A few months ago in Memphis hotel reservation desk, I saw a nice bolt, how does one deal with people who emotionally.

17:00 It was a little more, and the hotel was busy registering new guests. The person in front of me to give her name to the employee behind the desk with a tone of command. Employees they will say, "Yes, sir, we provide a room 'single' for you."

"Single," snapped the man, "I ordered a double." Employees tsb dg said politely, "Let me check for a while." It draws visitors from the archives of the order request and said, "Excuse me, sir. Telegram You mentioned single. I would love to put you in a double room, if at all. But all double rooms are full."

Customers who angrily said, "I do not care what the sound of the paper, I want a double room."

Happiness is NOT LOCATED there

Dear Friends,

Why are you always looking over there?

Why do you always think: someone else, friend,

acquaintances, and neighbors happier? Easy

say: they are happier and better.

You think: all the power and capability

Tips To Avoid Stress At Work

Work sometimes can make people become stressed. Apart from daily routine, work constraints and the atmosphere also may increase stress levels that exist. Here's a solution for the "Work Without Stress."
1. Desk must be clean
A clean desk of the working paper will help you to better focus on what is being done. Work will be completed quickly because the view is not disturbed by the piles of papers on the table.
2. Working with priorities
All work is indeed important to be resolved as soon as possible. But, we should be able to tell which is urgent to be resolved and which could be slightly delayed, work with a priority! And expenses of mind will be much reduced.

Success Secrets of the Chinese People wants to succeed in everything, especially success in business and succeeded in accumulating dollars at the most for the welfare of living. In essence, all people want to be rich. But, of course, to become rich and successful is not easy. Need to struggle and sacrifice to be successful.

You would never know the concept of Yin-who. This concept was embraced by the Chinese as the standard of their success. Success-Yin, which means life balance between health, happiness and wealth. We certainly agree that three things can be a support person's success. Rich Secrets of Success Book and Chinese businesspeople to become a guide for you to succeed.

In this book, Lie Shi Guang, the author, detailing the 8 secrets of the rich and successful Chinese businessman. Two of the eight secret is hard work with passion and continuous learning. There is no success without hard work and success. This is a basic principle for anyone. With hard work and high spirits someone will get what he wants.

Tips for Pregnant Women 6 foods that must be consumed during pregnancy pregnancy, women need an adequate amount of nutrients for the development of fetal organs. Hormonal changes that increase the sensitivity also affects women in the first three months.

Pregnant women should be careful mengasup food. Foods rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and folic acid good to eat every day. In the meantime, should avoid foods that contain unsaturated fatty acids to keep the body healthy and give birth to healthy babies.

Some foods are very important for pregnant women every day, as quoted by Method of Healing are:

1. Cereals
Pregnant women need to consume foods containing cereal every day. Because, cereals containing various minerals, B vitamins, carbohydrates and calcium are required to perform daily activities and provide nutrients to the fetus. In addition to cereals, whole wheat bread which contains energy and fiber to reduce plaque in blood vessels and regulate blood pressure.

2. Dairy Products
Various kinds of milk products required to ensure adequate maternal protein and minerals. Protein is essential for infant growth of new tissue and repair damaged tissue, build muscle, tissue, and to transport oxygen to the fetus. Dairy products also contain the calcium needed for bone development. Soy milk contains sufficient amounts of vitamin D and can be incorporated in food.

George Soros - The Secret Of Success

George Soros - At the end of the 20th century and early into the 21st century today, global business public can't rule out the figure of a successful investor and businessman from the United States (U.S.). He is George Soros. Although the storm shook the world monetary crisis in the late 20th century, Soros did not budge to make a breakthrough business in various regions of the continent. Similarly, in the beginning of the 21st century global investors confused with the economic recession that hit the United States, Soros did not want to submit himself to the situation a recession. She continued to perform with a brilliant idea and movement, sometimes beyond the land of Uncle Sam's economic policy.

Many of the resulting work Soros tells the happenings in the dirainya success, but success stories in terms of investment and intelligence are all summed up in his book titled "The Alchemy of Finance: Formula World Finance and Investment Success." This book is a shock to the world market, because Soros daring success stories. Soros was preparing myself to accept the challenge from competitors melunsurnya business with this book. For Soros, despite the success of its competitors to know tips through this book, but Soros remains convinced that the way of success will always come in every human movement with a firm consistency and creativity. Soros various businesses that the public can get out of the bondage world monetary crisis and global economic recession which sometimes can come at any moment. And businesses must be ready with a visionary strategy right.

my teacher, you try to contemplate

Will you shout at students and call them 'stupid'?
Will you do it in public?
Will you insult them with words like 'silly', 'stupid', 'moron', 'idiot' or 'foolish'?
I was watching a group of students punished by the duty teachers.
The atmosphere was tense and charged;
You could feel the students' fear and anger.
I turned around and walked away;
I just couldn't bear to see what came next.
Is it okay to call students 'Stupid'?
Is it okay to insult them?
Teachers are role-models;
Teachers are good examples to follow.
Teachers shouldn't be so aggressive and intimating.
Wasn't it enough just to tell them their wrongs;
And punish them according to the rules and regulations?
Why used those bad words?

Health Tips -Treat Various Diseases With An Organic Diet.

Various modern diseases that occur today, the cause not only because of the infection, but because of the declining organ function due to modern lifestyle that is sometimes not the discipline to live healthy, lack of knowledge of the disease, so it does not realize toxins have been attacking our immune system. According to well-known pathology expert, nobel prize winner, Mal Nikof in theory poisoned by his own act, saying: food blockage in the intestines / colon, turned into a hazardous waste disposal, which indirectly poisoned our bodies which then lead to various diseases and speed up the process aging, because the cells of our body tissues become damaged.

Feces congestion is the cause of all disease!

Christmas Day walk helps you feel happy

If you want a truly happy Christmas, get out of the house tomorrow for a pre- or post-festive lunch walk. That's the suggestion from the National Trust, whose survey has found being surrounded by nature could help relieve seasonal stress.

Apparently all it takes is a brisk stroll through your nearest park or countryside, and you could not just feel happier but healthier too, since previous studies suggest just being in a natural environment could help lower blood pressure and make you feel relaxed.

The Trust commissioned the research as part of its investigation into public access and enjoyment of the outdoors. And what it discovered was that while fewer than half the people it surveyed said they felt happy with their lives, 80% of those who did say they were happy also claimed to have a strong connection with nature.

"Over recent years the stress of Christmas has increased - so much so that a search for 'Christmas stress tips' on Google returns more than 17 million results," says Mark Harold, a National Trust director.

"The festive walk is one such antidote - whether it's a bracing hilltop march or an amble through the park, many people value walking as a simple pleasure and a chance to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the season."

If you're venturing outdoors for a Christmas walk tomorrow, the National Trust wants to know your thoughts. Add #festivewalks messages to Twitter and Facebook if you feel happier after your stroll. The results will be analysed and published on the Outdoor Nation website in January.

Dont' forget to tell us all about it too.

Meditation as good as drugs for beating depression

Meditating may be as effective as antidepressantsWhen it comes to treating depression, meditation and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy may be as effective as taking antidepressants, say experts from Canada.

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy involves meditation but also learning how to recognise emotional triggers, that is the things in life that make you happy or sad. And being in better control over your emotions may help prevent a relapse of depression, say the researchers.

Writing in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry, the researchers note that only 40% of people being treated for depression stick to their medication. So having an alternative therapy that doesn't involve taking drugs could be very useful, especially if it's effective at keeping depression at bay.

The study involved 84 people who had been taking antidepressants. The people in the meditation group learned how to monitor their thoughts and to change their automatic reactions to the things that make them feel depressed. After 18 months, 38% of the patients who were meditating suffered another bout of depression, compared with 46% of those taking antidepressants and 60% who were taking a placebo (dummy pill).

Meditation and mindfulness may be an effective alternative to antidepressants like Prozac, say the researchers, especially for people who are wary of constantly taking medication as well as those who aren't too keen on the drugs' side effects.

If meditation and being mindful can help prevent depression in people who have already been diagnosed with the condition, just think what they could do for the rest of us who haven't.

Have you tried them? How did they work for you?