Thingking, thingking, and thingking

Rene Deskartes states in the theory of "Cogito" her, because she thinks it is. If you do not think there would be no. There is no means dead and think of life, think it will be life and stop thinking it will die. Sevulgar is this the intent of Descartes?

When thinking is defined mental activities that involve the brain works. Or even further, thinking activity involving organs (brain), the whole person, feelings and will of man! Think self-directed activity to a particular object. When thinking also be interpreted as an effort nenahami probably experienced something or looking for a way out of problems. Thinking involves the doubt and to ensure, to design, calculate, measure, assess, compare, classify, sort, distinguish, make analysis, conclude, reason, draw conclusions from existing premises, and so forth. When you think it means an area of activity, then the premise of Rene Descartes certainly not excessive.

Scientists often claim to think of the doubts and questions begin to be answered or dealing with issues or problems. When you think because of the questions to be answered or a problem, then if after missed and / or resolved to think you're done! It's that simple? When you begin with doubts, having obtained a certainty, whether thinking too stop? Of course if that happens, then thought only arises because the stimuli are capable of being arrested. Of course this is simply a response or the response to stimuli. And think also can occur because of admiration, astonishment. But the admiration and astonishment of course raises the question of why it happened and how it can happen. So to think that what?

Thinking is at unrestricted free dimension. He is spiritual, then he is intangible and he does not reside in our heads. He wandered who do not know where he is, although we are thinking. Thinking is not bound by rules or laws, therefore thinking could not be punished. But why is because they think he punished? Of course, not thinking that punished, but the fruit of the thought expressed by he who thinks. In fact, although the fruit thinking it punished, their parent (think) still have freedom. A writer who was imprisoned for being a provocateur and his thoughts on the communist path (not suitable level of tersepakati many parties), it turns out the prison could not stop thinking. He continues to think and write texts that membus Dindin prison. Thought the writer was never imprisoned.

Koestler (The of Creativity) proposed his theory of thinking as an explanatory process bisosiatif creativity. Creative thinking, divergent, and imaginative as distinguished from convergent thinking, logical, analytical. This is the task of brain hemispheres. When the convergent thinking, logic, serial, vertical towards the one single answer, can be predicted in advance (as a left brain function), then the creative thinking process in holistic thinking, imaginative. Creative thinking is described by kostler, in seeking answers to the mind to wander along the surface of that area (the relevant), the odyssey that takes place continuously or do bisosiasi into new areas and find the answers. Before you found the answer, then there is no relationship between the field, but once found the answer, then look unique original answer to the question.

Piaget states that the ultimate goal of education is how to encourage inidividu to think critically and think creatively. Regardless whether the thinking is right or wrong, beneficial or not, thinking is thinking according to the track or maybe even no through lane.

Many people think his thinking is correct, though not necessarily true. Perhaps the truth is it was just "common sense", meaning that the commonly accepted truth / most, but is it the truth! But what it thinks the parameters of truth? or how to think really it? So what is a fallacy to think? Even the pemikirpun give warning, thinking and thinking berlogikalah in nature, but remember do not let you get lost in the wilds of logic itself! It was within the limits of logic, how in the case of non logic?

To avoid the error or errors in reaching the truth, which was composed of logic as a handle to think on his way to find the understanding of all reality. When we are in a formal framework, then we will be stuck in the rules and laws. The law was intended to avoid the error. In fact, many experts suggest reasonable to control the thinking, is that states think not just reason. This reasoning also as a control in a free thinking. Reasoning takes the form of thought inductive, deductive, evaluative or even stating abduktif (reasoning in hypothesis by Pierce) based on the correlation of two or more events that have previously been known. For that, think not collapsible in the concept of reason.

If the true reason no one but the only valid invalid. Again, it uses the principle of logic or legal reasoning assessment. How to think? When thinking is widely understood and comprehensive, beginning with the perception, pengonsepan fact, subsequent decision making, then enter the correct one criterion.

Talking about thinking infinite terdefiniskan not even exactly (within the meaning of the word boundary that is still flexible.) There is the concept of free thinking, so there is no free thinking dong. Yes! Of course we must include the concept of the continuum in setting a parameter to something the concept of thinking terebut! Only problem is how to determine the type of continuum or a continuum parameter.

Regardless of the process in setting limits terbatasinya us! Think about anything, anywhere, anywhere, about anything and anyone, anytime. Do not limit yourself in thinking. Go back to Descartes! Because we think there is, if you do not think we are gone. Because we still want a lot of things ... then think

Last ..

"Give the argument if you are righteous"

People strive, and true he gets 2 (two), but if either he gets 1 (one). So whatever the outcome think .... Try with your mind ... look for a solution (albeit temporary) to think ... Think it will not be wrong pikiranmua ... that there is only whether it correct or not quite right ....

Congratulations to think about how we think to think we're thinking ....

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