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A few months ago in Memphis hotel reservation desk, I saw a nice bolt, how does one deal with people who emotionally.

17:00 It was a little more, and the hotel was busy registering new guests. The person in front of me to give her name to the employee behind the desk with a tone of command. Employees they will say, "Yes, sir, we provide a room 'single' for you."

"Single," snapped the man, "I ordered a double." Employees tsb dg said politely, "Let me check for a while." It draws visitors from the archives of the order request and said, "Excuse me, sir. Telegram You mentioned single. I would love to put you in a double room, if at all. But all double rooms are full."

Customers who angrily said, "I do not care what the sound of the paper, I want a double room."

Then he started acting "you-know-who-I," followed by "I'll see to it you get fired. You'll see. I'll make you get fired."

Under the onslaught, young employees they will be interrupted, "Sir, we are sorry, but we act on your instructions."

Finally, the guest who benar2 angry man said, "I would not want to stay in the best room in the hotel which is now --- benar2 bad management," and he came out.

I went to reception desk, thinking the clerk would just upset after being scolded habis2an. Instead, he welcomed all to glad-hand at all "Good evening, sir."

When he was doing routine normalcy in arranging a room for me, I said to him, "I admire the way you'd control myself. You benar2 patient."

"Yes, sir," he said, "I can not be angry with people like that. You see, he is not angry with me. I'm just a victim of his anger outlet. The man who was probably just unfortunate noisy dg wife, or business may be in listless , or maybe he feels inferior, and this is a golden opportunity to vent his frustration. "

Employees had been added, "Basically he was probably a very good person. Most people are so." As he walked toward the elevator, I repeat his words, "Basically he was probably a very good person. Most people are so."
Friends of CCM and gentlemen, remember two sentences that if there are people who declare war on you. Do not retaliate. How to win in this situation is to let people they will let go of their anger, and then forget it.

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