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George Soros - At the end of the 20th century and early into the 21st century today, global business public can't rule out the figure of a successful investor and businessman from the United States (U.S.). He is George Soros. Although the storm shook the world monetary crisis in the late 20th century, Soros did not budge to make a breakthrough business in various regions of the continent. Similarly, in the beginning of the 21st century global investors confused with the economic recession that hit the United States, Soros did not want to submit himself to the situation a recession. She continued to perform with a brilliant idea and movement, sometimes beyond the land of Uncle Sam's economic policy.

Many of the resulting work Soros tells the happenings in the dirainya success, but success stories in terms of investment and intelligence are all summed up in his book titled "The Alchemy of Finance: Formula World Finance and Investment Success." This book is a shock to the world market, because Soros daring success stories. Soros was preparing myself to accept the challenge from competitors melunsurnya business with this book. For Soros, despite the success of its competitors to know tips through this book, but Soros remains convinced that the way of success will always come in every human movement with a firm consistency and creativity. Soros various businesses that the public can get out of the bondage world monetary crisis and global economic recession which sometimes can come at any moment. And businesses must be ready with a visionary strategy right.

For a merchant (trader) who become mature in the second half of the 1970s and 1980s, full of excitement, The Alchemy of Finance is a revolutionary book that agakl. Remember that this was a period in which the continuation of the trend and the indexation is a mantra of investing. It was a period when technical analysis (a study of price movement as the means of production) reached its highest point. Traders Soros generation arm yourself with the various charts and graphs the results of the computer that predict future price direction.

The Alchemy of Finance is a sudden surprise. This book allows us to take a step forward with the first step back, with a view that to explain the events that seem so complex and confusing. During an era where so much money available in astonishing events, happenings Soros theory of reflexivity is a non-technical modern attempt first to describe and predict the dynamics at play among the partisans.

In addition, Soros also describes the dynamics that occur in the path between the extreme points of the valuation and the balance in the market. This is especially important for the average investor. How many times have we taken the right decision by taking a long position (buy) when approaching the point Nadhir or short position (sell) at the time near the peak point of the price movement? However, our endurance in the second position during this weak (as well as our yield) due to lack of understanding about the actual price movement path. Soros gives us a critical view on the line and therefore greater confidence in our investment. All of that contributes 70% of attempts successful investment.

The Alchemy of Finance is not just a success story Soros gives guidance, but also record the history of contemporary political economy and its brilliant. Investment guidelines and strategy raft berekonomi him intelligently. Wit visible because Soros was so understood in explaining the condition of the assembled perenomian with global politics. He global political map kuasasi, so the economy moves out will not 'hurt' economic map is being developed. In fact, he tried to make political compromises to move the economy is not contradictory or opposed to the global political agenda. Not that he is pragmatic when in contact with the political map, but Soros build an intelligent economic strategy, so that it can be accepted by all parties.

Breadth of knowledge coupled with courage in making Soros speculation as a brilliant figure who brave every face problems. As complicated as any they faced, Soros still trying to calm face, do not be tempted by the easy atmosphere kriuhan deceiving. Rigidity and ketegasannya in the middle of the hubbub is what makes it as a prototype businessman who continues to publicly observed. Public business, even the political public, always waiting for Soros steps of surprises, so they can provide inspiration in stepping.

Not just the world of business and politics that kuasasi, Soros is also smart in social issues. He is known to be very concerned with the condition of the surrounding community. With abundant wealth, Soros was known to be generous about social issues kemasyrakatan. Even Paul Tudor referred to it as the most generous person in the history of the 20th century. Many foundations and foundations founded Soros Soros always open a new breakthrough in doing social engineering. Not the money alone that he dermakan, but the idea of intelligent and social movements that can be directly felt by the public. Yes, Soros became an interesting book to read and studied carefully.

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