Health Tips -Treat Various Diseases With An Organic Diet.

Various modern diseases that occur today, the cause not only because of the infection, but because of the declining organ function due to modern lifestyle that is sometimes not the discipline to live healthy, lack of knowledge of the disease, so it does not realize toxins have been attacking our immune system. According to well-known pathology expert, nobel prize winner, Mal Nikof in theory poisoned by his own act, saying: food blockage in the intestines / colon, turned into a hazardous waste disposal, which indirectly poisoned our bodies which then lead to various diseases and speed up the process aging, because the cells of our body tissues become damaged.

Feces congestion is the cause of all disease!

An investigation conducted by some Japanese experts say that the weight of the dirt clogged in the average body weight of 2-4 kg. Dirt clogged is food scraps left in our gut, and it will stick to the intestinal wall and absorbed by layers mukhosa then headed to the liver and berkibat:

1. Difficulty detoxification process

2. Inhibition of metabolic processes

3. Toxicity in the body.


The length of the human digestive tract 6 times the height. in the long term will littered with food scraps are not wasted, which eventually decompose and release toxic substances in our intestines. Substance poison / toxin is absorbed by the intestine and become the source of all illness is very dangerous.

If it's like this it's best we remove the dirt (Toxins / poisons) that settles in our intestines for years.

The solution is that we should adopt an organic lifestyle by eating Organic Food

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