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Human happiness is when he can open the eyes of his heart, and realizes that he has a lot of things that meant and realized how much she is loved. People can be happy, if he would open up for others to love him sincerely.

Human happiness can not exist because they do not want to open your heart, and try to achieve what can not be achieved, too pushy to get everything you want, do not want to accept and appreciate what he has.

Happiness comes from within yourself, do not expect from others, because others can betray. Happiness is when what they are able to accept yourself, love and respect ourselves, want to love and accept others.
Human selfishness that caused it to be blind, selfish and think only about themselves that cause people do not realize that he so loved, did not realize that at this time what is good for him.

So many friends who loved, but because it was too select, evaluate and judge themselves, precisely true friends become increasingly distant. Too choose a friend to make man can not realize in front of the eyes is a true friend he needs.
Each human being has the meaning and role of each, all different. No one has the exact same meaning. Got the role and advantages of the one thing, do not have to have a role and meaning in other things. Loved by one person may not be loved by someone else.

Belief in God, be grateful that men have always provided the best fit is done to the man himself. No need to insist hearts, He will give in good time what human beings need. Not necessarily at this time, there's still tomorrow. As is being experienced, get a trial and tribulation is a way to be able to see happiness "enjoy happiness in that hard heart."

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