5 reasons why you should always smile

Keep Smiling because smiling is worship.
Keep Smiling because a smile is a symbol of happiness.
Keep Smiling because the smile will come to make other people happy.
Keep Smiling because the smile will be able to change you and others.
Smiling is an act of the easiest, simplest, least expensive and most enjoyable in the world.

Often we forget this action in our daily lives. We felt it was too exhausted by the work that has accumulated, pay bills or shop cashier who had been annoying when shopping.
Dear readers, check out these following 5 reasons why you should smile a lot:
1. You will get more happiness
Try to force yourself to smile for 30 seconds starting from now. Do the same when you experience misfortune. By getting a smile, no matter how you feel then, in your body will occur chemical reactions that can make you feel happy
Try and feel the difference.
2. A smile can change your circumstances
If you feel hopeless, angry or bored, a smile will change your emotional state becomes more positive. And a positive situation not only make your life more enjoyable but also opens up other possibilities in your mind. You will see the world differently through the lens of happiness. From there you can begin to build a series of positive actions and berinterasksi with many people every day.
3. A smile can change the positions of others
If you walk into a room or go to a store with a smile on your face, will make all the difference. Everyone will turn around to smile at you. This will help dilute any existing tension or stiffness. Your interaction will be more open, relaxed and full of joy.
4. Smile? What's the harm?
When choosing between a frown, a blank expression or smile, it seems the last option is the choice of the most productive and positive, is not it? Often you forget to smile or maybe you do not like to smile. But if you try to use your smile as often as possible, you will eventually have a new habit, a habit that is much more positive. If you include people who always take into account the pros and cons to everything, try this question, 'what harm you smiling? "
5. It's easier to smile than to do the opposite
"It takes seventy two muscles to frown, but only thirteen muscles to smile."

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